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The Titan Herbal. 2017
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Back to previous page Record Number: 78960
The Titan Herbal. 2017 The Titan Herbal
by Andrew Wright
First published 2017
Arion Games
ISBN: None
Publisher code: CB77013
Large format paperback
Cover illustration by Maggie Kneen
Interior illustrations by Alan Langford, Bob Harvey, Brian Williams, David Gallagher, Duncan Smith, Ian McCaig, John Blanche, John Sibbick, Leo Hartas, Malcolm Barter, Martin McKenna, Pete Knifton, Russ Nicholson, Tim Sell and Tony Hough
94 pages

A companion volume by Andrew Wright to accompany the revised, rewritten and expanded edition of Advanced Fighting Fantasy by Graham Bottley, defining additional rules and concepts to complement the core rules of AFF.

In addition to the standard paperback edition, this book was also published in hardback as part of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
This book is a perfect accessory for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG based upon the original classic Sorcery Spell Book.

  • Two hundred and fifty five herbs and plants!
  • Sample Archetypes
  • New Plant Monsters
  • Original Fighting Fantasy Illustrations
  • New Rules for Herb Use
Great for players and Directors alike, this book will become an invaluable reference for your Advanced Fighting Fantasy game.

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