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You Are The Hero: Part 2. 2017
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You Are The Hero: Part 2. 2017 You Are The Hero: Part 2:
A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks

by Jonathan Green
First published 2017
ISBN 9781911390459
Large format paperback
Cover illustration by Chris Achilleos
Interior illustrations by various artists
184 pages

You Are The Hero: Part 2, a further history of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by Jonathan Green.

Details of the contents of this book can be found here.

Publisher’s Blurb – Lower Cover
May Your Stamina Never Fail

Fighting Fantasy gamebooks – the publishing phenomenon of the 1980s, co-created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone – have sold over 20 million books worldwide, and in 35 languages. Marking its 35th anniversary in 2017, the series continues to go from strength to strength.

Part history and part celebration, YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2 continues to chronicle the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon. Written by Jonathan Green (author of seven Fighting Fantasy titles), this companion volume to the original YOU ARE THE HERO – A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks features further interviews with the creators of the series, as well as authors, artists, editors, and games designers who have all been inspired by Fighting Fantasy’s legacy.

YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2 will appeal to all those who continue to brave the perils of Allansia and beyond – armed with only a pencil, an eraser and two dice – whether they are hardened veterans or young heroes setting out on their first adventure.

"An invaluable compendium of all things Fighting Fantasy - utterly brilliant"
Lavie Tidhar, World Fantasy and Campbell Award-winning author of Osama and Central Station

"As a gamebook creator, organisers of Fighting Fantasy Fest and writer of You Are the Hero, Jonathan Green is one of the great champions of the current adventure gamebook renaissance."
Gav Thorpe, games designer and David Gemmell Legend Award-winning author of Warbeast

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